Federation Internationale de Football Association set to relax ban on war commemorations

Posted September 26, 2017

In what must surely rank as one of its most nonsensical decisions, FIFA imposed fines on the four British associations a year ago saying the wearing of poppies contravened regulations that that players' equipment should not carry any "political, religious or commercial" slogans.

FIFA is set to lift its ban on the poppy following talks with the football associations of the United Kingdom.

British prime minister Theresa May responded by calling the ruling "utterly outrageous".

FIFA is to lift its ban on players from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland wearing poppies during football matches.

England intend to play Germany at Wembley in November, subject to qualifying results next month, and the German FA are believed to have raised no objections to the use of the poppy. "I think it is absolutely right that they should be able to do so".

Crouch, who stated a year ago that she was "disappointed" that Federation Internationale de Football Association had not recognised the sentiment of the poppy said: "I am pleased that it appears Federation Internationale de Football Association is finally going to apply common sense and change its position on poppies".

According to the BBC, Fifa reportedly sent out a draft proposal to its members with revised provisions that would allow the poppy if opposing teams and the competition organiser accept its use in advance.

England captain Wayne Rooney wears a poppy on his sleeve.

Iran has been fined for "religiously motivated displays" during a match.

Anyway, FIFA have reportedly sent revised drafts of their kit protocol to all their member nations with a new law expected to be passed in time for the upcoming "Armistice" worldwide break that falls between 6th and 14th of November (during which England are due to play Germany in a friendly at Wembley).

The report goes on to claim that the IFAB, football's lawmakers, are expected to rubber-stamp the change next month.

English players are now expected to either wear armbands with a poppy on them or have the poppy embroidered on their shirts in the same way as Premier League teams.