Church shooting suspect charged with murder

Posted September 26, 2017

The man accused of opening fire inside a Tennessee church, killing one and injuring several others, has been charged with murder after confessing to authorities.

The suspect, Emanuel Kidega Samson, 25, accidentally shot himself after he was confronted by a member of the congregation, according to Metro Nashville Police.

Authorities say the gunman had pulled up to Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, exited his vehicle, and shot a woman in the parking lot.

He then walked through the church silently, shooting six more people before he was subdued by an usher, 22-year-old Robert Engle.

Metropolitan Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron say the usher was pistol whipped as he confronted the suspect, who then apparently shot himself during the struggle.

He said: "I was on Facebook and then someone said there was a shooting, and then they said the shooter was Emanuel K. Samson, and I said please don't let it be my friend".

Church members told police the suspect had attended services a year or two ago.

Earlier: At least six people are reported to have been injured in a church shooting in Antioch, Tennessee, according to local reports.

The wounded, including the gunman, were immediately taken to a nearby hospital whereas the dead body of the woman was handed over to her relatives. Among the survivors was Joey Spann, the church's pastor. As soon as he got out of his auto he fatally shot a woman who was walking to her vehicle.

Nashville police did not immediately comment on several freakish posts on the suspect's Facebook page in the hours before the shooting.

It said, "I'm aiming at psychologist, but also becoming a preacher". Once police arrived, they photographed Samson's hand, which was bloodied from punching the television but the girlfriend declined to press charges. After Samson was shot in the struggle, Engle's father stood guard over him while Engle went to get his firearm from his vehicle.

The statement says the Federal Bureau of Investigation will handle the collection of evidence. My prayers are with the victims of the Burnette Chapel Church shooting.

There were 42 people inside the church, including a class of Sunday school children.

Ramey said Engle told him he sprang into action after hearing gunshots inside and outside the church.

Aaron added that the suspect's condition is not life threatening and has been put under surveillance at Vanderbilt Medical Center for treatment. The motive for the shooting was still being investigated.

The church is in Antioch, a working-class neighborhood and one of Nashville's most diverse.