All Access Boosted to Warp Speed by 'Star Trek Discovery

Posted September 26, 2017

Discovery also features old-style com badges, some pretty nifty looking flip-open communicators and blue uniforms reminiscent of those featured on Enterprise, another prequel series that writers and designers of the show are clearly making sure doesn't get lost in the canon. The bulk of the show will only be viewable on the network's mostly unknown streaming service, CBS All Access. (She is, instead, first officer.) I was excited to see what she did next.

The series comes from creators Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, and centers on the Vulcan-raised human Commander Michael Burnam (Sonequa Martin-Green) who finds herself on the U.S.S. Discovery for reasons now unknown. Star Trek isn't Star Trek if it isn't examining us, and Discovery looks to keep the Gene Roddenberry flame lit in that regard. The first two episodes showed her downfall so the viewers can understand where she came from. A human woman raised by Vulcans, Burnham has found a unique perspective on that species' devotion to logic: she believes emotions are necessary to logical thinking, rather than a detriment, making her the most interesting thing to happen to the Vulcan mythology since J.J. Abrams decided to make Vulcans refugees by blowing up the planet in his 2009 feature-film reboot.

But while Discovery is boldly going where no Trek series has gone before in terms of medium, it's also blazing new paths with its storytelling. Good to see him back, even if it is weird that he never told Spock he had a foster sister... As you may have heard, Star Trek: Discovery is also available to stream on Netflix but not for everybody. They deliberately start shows late, make last-minute schedule changes, screen episodes out of order and cram in too many ads - including plastering promos over the show you're watching.

At least two characters from the original Star Trek will appear: Sarak, played by James Frain, and conman Harry Mudd, played by Rainn Wilson.

Klingon bigwig T'Kuvma mentions Donatu V at one point, a planet that was previously mentioned (in the Original Series' The Trouble with Tribbles, fact fans) as somewhere the Federation and the Klingons had an encounter during their cold war. Here, we're just talking about the first episode of each show.

It has the familiar Star Trek music with a slightly different take. Frain also played Jarvis in TRON: Legacy, the computer program who made a decision to fight for the user after his master, Clu, had failed.

So yeah. It's got pros and cons-and while that might have been good enough for previous Trek pilots, where viewers' only investment was tuning in every week, the investment level in Discovery is about six to 10 bucks higher.