Nurses Make Newborns Dance For Snapchat

Posted September 20, 2017

Two enlisted nurses from the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, have been removed from their posts after images and video surfaced on Snapchat showing inappropriate and potentially risky treatment of babies in their care. The post with the second photo read, "the "navy nurse" and her friend made a baby dance to rap music". It appeared the images and videos were posted to Facebook by a concern recipient of the Snapchats.

In a statement Monday night, Naval Hospital Jacksonville said the images were "unacceptable, incredibly unprofessional, and can not be tolerated", and said the infant's parents have been notified.

"We are aware of a video / photo posted online", the hospital posted on its Facebook page late Monday night after the imagery had gone viral. Another picture shows a staff member making an obscene gesture at an infant.

A naval hospital in Jacksonville, Florida says the actions of a couple of nurses will be handled by "military justice". "We're in the process of notifying the patient's parents", it concluded.

The images were taken from Snapchat and posted to Facebook by concerned recipients. They quickly went viral leading the hospital to remove the workers and launch and investigation
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"I don't think I'll being go to naval to deliver", said one commenter on Facebook.

The two nurses were dismissed from their jobs after a whistle blower alerted the hospital to the posts.

It was not immediately clear if the nurses had been or will be fired, as the hospital only announced they had removed the women from active care as they investigated the incident.

The statement comes after some very questionable social media posts.