Woman Featured in Kevin Hart Extortion Video Agreed to Lie Detector Test

Posted September 19, 2017

According to TMZ, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is involved in the case and has tracked down a suspect.

The comedian and box office star, looking morose, posted a video to Instagram on Saturday in which he said he wasn't flawless and recently made poor decisions. And recently, I didn't. "I'm also not going to allow a person to have financial gain off of my mistakes, and in this particular situation, that's what was attempted", he said. "I'd rather fess up to my mistakes", he said.

The video came just one day after TMZ revealed a woman was attempting to have Hart pay him millions of dollars for a "sexually suggestive" video.

The Blast reports that the sex tape contains footage of Hart being surrounded by women before cutting to video of a bedroom with a squeaky bed.

Kevin Hart has gotten himself into yet another bad situation, and this time he has taken to his Instagram to apologise to his wife and kids. "Ten kids will get an education free, courtesy of Kevin Hart and HartBeat Productions", Hart said in a video posted to the social media site Friday. If the extortion fails, which it could have since the woman has released the video for free, she could be on probation for at least 12 years, according to Criminal Defense Lawyer. A camera is focused on a nearby mirror that faintly shows two people have sex. She reportedly hired a lawyer, who contacted Hart's team with the lie detector money request. Although Hart can not visibly be seen in the clip from the bedroom, the indication is that he is having sex with a woman that is not his wife, Eniko.

Comedian Kevin Hart didn't have the best weekend. You can hear Hart in his interview with The Breakfast Club saying that he has matured since his last marriage and would no longer cheat because it's easy for a super star like him to get caught.

This scandal is Hart's most extreme by far. He also denied his ex-wife's claims that he was still sleeping with her while he was married to his second wife.