Gorgeous New Character Posters For Blade Runner 2049 Surface

Posted September 17, 2017

Watch Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve discuss the collaboration, along with a clip from the new film... Shukou Murase (Halo Legends, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing) is serving as character designer and animation director, and Flying Lotus is composing the music.

Ahead of the October 6 release, Warner Bros. has been shedding light on the film's backstory, fleshing out characters such as Jared Leto's Niander Wallace and Dave Bautista's Sapper Morton.

The anime will take place in the year 2022, between the original Blade Runner film, which takes place in 2019, and its sequel Blade Runner 2049. The project is a prequel for the forthcoming Blade Runner 2049. The movie picks up the story of Harrison Ford's Deckard, while also introducing a bunch of new characters, including Ryan Gosling's Officer K.

The short, titled Blade Runner Black Out 2022 is written and directed by Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop).

Nowhere to Run, Bautista is then seen getting into a deadly fight with a group of guys who begin to harass his friend and her mother. Decorations that are direct echoes of the original Ridley Scott: slum post-apocalyptic, cool colors overlapping one another creating a rainbow city, deshumanisation of the human species, no doubt Denis Villeneuve has done his homework. Watanabe's goal in making the short movie is to pay a respectful homage to Blade Runner, while not creating an "imitation".

The footage starts out with Watanabe discussing how pivotal Scott's film was in his development as a writer and director: "The work that has influenced me the most in my anime profession would be, of course, Blade Runner". So it's fitting that Blade Runner would eventually become an anime as well.