United States calls for UN Security Council vote on North Korea on Monday

Posted September 10, 2017

Meanwhile, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday said his country will support new measures against North Korea following the latest nuclear test by the Kim Jong-un regime.

According to the United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee on North Korea and its panel of experts, not enough is being done among U.N. member states to implement sanctions.

In reference to the United Nations vote, Japan is pushing for strong oil sanctions, while the US wants to ban textile exports and shut down the hiring of North Korean guest workers in other countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said this week that sanctions alone could not resolve the impasse on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear test on September 9 previous year, and then carried out a sixth a week ago, saying it was a hydrogen bomb that could be fitted onto a missile - prompting global condemnation and calls for further sanctions.

President Donald Trump's administration is pushing the Security Council to adopt a united stance as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seeks the capability to strike the USA with a nuclear weapon.

China will support further United Nations action if it helps restart dialogue with North Korea, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday.

As for the North Koreans, their official news agency Friday said the country's "nuclear weaponization. has reached its final phase".

"As we've built military power by tightening our belts for decades, we've stepped up to the status of a nuclear power and a global military power with an atom bomb, a hydrogen bomb and an intercontinental ballistic missile", the newspaper wrote.

"We have taken an incremental approach, and despite the best of intentions, it has not worked", Haley said.

In its recent report to the UNSC, the panel said that when China announced its decision to halt coal imports from North Korea in February, Pyongyang started exporting its coal to other countries like Malaysia and Vietnam.

The US is willing to risk a veto of its proposal rather than see it watered down, according to a Security Council diplomat who asked not to be identified while negotiations are ongoing.

"It's clear that American diplomacy over the past two decades has failed because this is where we are with North Korea, but if we failed, the Chinese ought to be abjectly embarrassed over their failures", he said.

The United States has tentatively concluded that North Korea detonated an H-bomb over the weekend, as the regime has claimed, a senior US administration official said Thursday.