Jaguar's FUTURE-TYPE Concept is an "On-Demand" Car

Posted September 08, 2017

Every new Jaguar and Land Rover launched from 2020 will be electric or hybrid, the UK's biggest vehicle maker has announced.

Alongside this announcement, made at Jaguar Land Rover's TechFest event in London, the company has revealed other steps towards its future in the form of an electric-converted E-type known as the E-type Zero, and the "Future-Type" concept, which takes the idea of future mobility beyond the auto itself and puts a removable smartphone-style steering wheel into your daily life.

What we do know is that the first fully electric vehicle will be the Jaguar I-Pace. No other reproduction or distribution is permitted without prior written consent.

The new E-type zero is based on the 1968 series 1.5 roadster and boasts an electric powertrain that zips the classic-looking chassis from 0-60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds.

Aside from showing off their new electric cars, the technology festival will also feature a pop-up version of the Gorillaz Garage so participants can try their hand at cracking the code and potentially land themselves a job at Jaguar Land Rover.

Created by Jaguar Land Rover's Classic department, this isn't just a simple case of replacing one engine for another.

"E-type Zero combines the renowned E-type dynamic experience with enhanced performance through electrification".

Speaking of the E-Type, Jaguar is debuting its first electric version at the Tech Fest. A fully autonomous virtual concept, the Future Type explores tomorrow's mobility, where vehicles could be shared not owned.

Earlier this year both the United Kingdom and France outlined plans to ban the sale of diesel and petrol-fuelled cars by 2040. That's either fully electric, plug-in hybrid or "mild" hybrid.

According to Jaguar Land Rover, the move was meant to offer consumers more choice by electrifying all of its future products, and that's probably fair.

"Our aim with E-type Zero is to future-proof classic auto ownership".

"Today's announcement also, however, serves as a reminder that Britain, as a country, seriously needs to start preparing for the electric future".

Jaguar's Future-Type concept looks a little further into the future.

Summoning the vehicle is done via Sayer, a steering wheel that doubles as a personal companion and resides with you at all times.