Europe still 'hasn't done homework' on refugees: Merkel

Posted August 30, 2017

Sanctions against Russian Federation will be lifted when there is no reason for them, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she supported proposals to expand the powers of Europe's bailout fund and create a eurozone finance minister, but stopped well short of endorsing more ambitious blueprints for retooling the single currency bloc.

Merkel said at her annual summer news conference ahead of a general election that steps had been taken in the wake of that decision to ensure that such an influx would not repeat itself. Seeking a fourth term, Merkel has had to contend with loud and sustained heckling on her campaign trail from demonstrators strongly opposed to her refugee policies.

"We say clearly: no coalition with the AfD and no coalition with the Left", Merkel said, underscoring her party's standard line on potential future governing alliances.

The baby was born on August 16, measuring 53cm and weighing 3.9kg, she said, adding that the girl was the parents' fifth child.

"We are in much better shape than we were just a few years ago", Merkel said.

Earlier, Schulz stated that Angela Merkel and her ruling CDU party are "out of touch" with reality. At the same time, she clarified that she was not in a position to promise anything to the Greeks, since she was not a Greek politician. Germany allows plaintiffs to bundle lawsuits against financial companies, and the same rights could be offered to vehicle buyers if done right, she said.

Merkel said there could be no progress even in trade relations with Turkey if the rule of law was not guaranteed in the country. But at this point, there is little doubt that she will be in the driver's seat after the election.

Germany and Egypt have agreed on a plan to reduce the flow of refugees and asylum seekers to Europe, as part of Berlin's wider push to curb the stream of illegal and unchecked immigration to the European country, refugees' ideal destination.

"I made my decision based on what I thought was right from a political and humanitarian standpoint".

Schulz, who is trailing Merkel in pre-election polls, accused her of being aloof.

"The protests at Merkel's rallies have become so frequent that UK's Daily Express correctly noted: "[Her] election campaign team are well used to boos during their tour of Germany".