John Cena Brought to Tears By Fans

Posted August 23, 2017

In a video from Cricket Wireless, Cena was on set to read letters from fans he had helped over the years.

By now many wrestling fans are used to seeing Cena surprise fans at hospitals and other social events and subsequently reduce them to a blubbering mess so it's interesting to see the tables turned.

On Monday, Cricket Wireless shared a video of Cena reading messages written to him by people who were inspired by him and the impact he's had on their lives.

Then, one by one, more people whose lives Cena has made better show up to thank him.

However, it was just getting started as the fans whose letters Cena just read continued to enter the room to share their appreciation of Cena with him.

Young Tyler describes the anguish he endured when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer - and lets Cena know a wristband the former WWE champ once gave him in a crowded venue kept him hanging on.

'That's pretty cool, ' The 40-year-old Trainwreck croaked on the verge of tears. "At a young age he has such great perspective...."

The two are joined by Tyler's mom, who informs the star she's now cancer-free.

"Don't think you're the only one who's up against anything, and don't think you're the only one who doesn't have challenges to face every day", Cena eventually said.

But when the Tyler burst into the room to thank him in person, the floodgates opened. "You all lead by example and I mean it when I say it, never give up". "And it's a reaffirming message of being mindful that your actions affect those close to you".