Taylor Swift Shakes Content Off Social Media: Is a New Album Imminent?

Posted August 19, 2017

That means that even the beloved photo of Swift wearing Ryan Reynolds's real Deadpool costume is gone, having been banished from her Instagram account and breaking the hearts of so many fans. It's unclear if Swift's accounts had been hacked or if the moves were done in anticipation of the singer releasing a new recording.

Her personal YouTube account's profile picture is now a black square, while her entire website is now just a black page and previously featured promotional material from her 1989 album and tour.

Over on Twitter, her avatar had disappeared.

ABC/Lou RoccoThe new era of Taylor Swift may be upon us. And fans who try accessing the "Shake It Off" singer's official website are now faced with a black screen. (Well, I mean, it's admirable that they try.) So if this is Swift's early stages of doing a massive album drop announcement, she's off to a good start with this social media cleanup.

She has deleted all of her profile pictures on her social media, along with every Instagram post. It has now been nearly three years since October 2014's 1989, so her fans are getting increasingly impatient.

Swift had counter-sued Mueller in the civil case, alleging he groped her during a 2013 backstage photo op with fans and guests before a concert in 2013.

According to Pitchfork, #Taylor Swift has sparked rumors that she is releasing a new album soon and that this is merely a publicity stunt to add anticipation to the release. An insider reportedly claimed that the pair had been working on tunes that were "different" than Swift fans were used to, but maintained the new stuff was still "catchy".