New England Patriots become first National Football League team to own customized planes

Posted August 09, 2017

The Patriots jets feature completely reclining first-class seats throughout the airliner and will be fitted to travel as many as 12 hours without refueling.

A brand new plane could cost up to $200 million.

The New England Patriots have purchased two airplanes to become the first National Football League team to own their own planes to fly to games, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell. The outside of the plane is coated in team colors and logos and, of course, the five Lombardi trophies.

ESPN said the team's flight operations will be run out of Providence. They earned another by becoming the first National Football League team to purchase their own airplane for team travel. Most other teams use regular airlines but Delta and American Airlines have started retiring planes that can carry a full team.

National Football League teams haven't thought much about buying their own planes in the past, with only 10 games on the road.

American said a year ago that it would no longer fly the Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, the Indianapolis Colts, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Miami Dolphins. American Airlines who has flown a number of National Football League teams announced that they would no longer offer charter flights.

While the lack of total road games have usually scared off National Football League teams from buying their own planes, the Patriots' latest transaction might be a cost-effective move as charter travel continues to get more expensive.

It is expected that team-owned planes will help give athletes a leg up on the recovery process, which is one of the areas that interested the Patriots. But what makes the planes special is the outside.

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