Jay Cutler reportedly close to leaving Fox, signing with Dolphins

Posted August 07, 2017

$5 million of that amount is Cutler's base salary, which would indicate that he comes in as Miami's new starting quarterback. It's the same knee in which he suffered a partially torn ACL and MCL last season against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 14.

That season, Cutler threw for 21 touchdowns and posted a quarterback rating of 92.3 which was a career high, but the most important stat was that Cutler only threw 11 interceptions that season. However, for now, he is still leaning toward remaining retired. Though that sentiment may change if Tannehill indeed needs surgery, Cutler is still intending to begin his broadcasting career in 2017.

The Dolphins are bracing for the worst with Ryan Tannehill's left knee, but have turned to a veteran quarterback who has an established relationship with their head coach. "I'm in between those situations at this point in my life".

The fight for Jay Cutler isn't over yet. Cutler worked with Gase in the coach's lone season as the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator in 2015.

Cutler would likely compete with backup Matt Moore for the No. 1 job while Tannehill is out.

Before the Dolphins could even determine the severity of Tannehill's injury, folks were clamoring for Colin Kaepernick as a replacement at quarterback in Miami.

The brace that was meant to help stabilize Tannehill's knee did not prevent this injury.

Cutler is intrigued by the possibility of playing for Adam Gase. But Darlington indicated that Gase is pretty convincing if need be and could sway Cutler to South Florida at the end of the day. So Cutler being able to get confident in how and where to put footballs to allow his receivers to win with the greatest frequency is going to be the wild card on how well the offense performs.

"Source: Dolphins & Jay Cutler are close on deal".

It makes sense that Cutler is not 100 percent sure of what he wants to do yet.