Philippine mayor linked to illegal drug trade killed in police raid

Posted August 02, 2017

The police officers were "met with volleys of fire from (the mayor's) security, prompting the Philippine National Police personnel to retaliate", Pacleb said.

Northern Mindanao police chief Timoteo Pacleb said several high-powered firearms and an unspecified amount of methamphetamines were recovered, Reuters reported. Mayor of the Philippines' Ozamiz city Reynaldo Parojinog was shot dead in a police raid on July 30 for illegal drug trade.

Parojinog was killed Sunday dawn, along with his wife, younger brother, and 12 others inside his residence during a series of police raids in Barangay Baybay San Roque early Sunday morning.

Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido, Ozamiz City police director, said the elder Parojinog was one of the government's high-value targets and had been named by Duterte as among the politicians involved in "narcopolitics", although the former mayor had repeatedly denied this accusation. Policemen were approaching the mayor's house when his bodyguards opened fire and hit a police vehicle and wounded an officer, sparking a firefight amid a power outage, he said.

He becomes the third mayor to be killed under Duterte's bloody crackdown on drugs, which has left more than 3,000 dead since June 2016 and drawn wide criticism by human rights groups.

Nearly a year since being named in Duterte's drug list, the mayor and 14 others - including his wife, brother, and sister - are killed in a police raid.

The timing of the search warrant served against slain Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog has been questioned by at least two senators who hinted the possibility of a Senate inquiry on the criminal procedures adopted by the police in their anti-drug campaign.

The Parojinogs consistently deny the allegation, claiming they have been fighting illegal drugs since 2001.

Sen. Francis "Chiz" Escudero said that in the police manual, arrest warrants are required to be served during day time.

What happened in between for Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr?

Duterte has promised an unrelenting war on drugs, defying critics who were "trivializing" his campaign with human rights concerns and unjustly blaming the authorities for the bloodshed.

Past year police shot dead a mayor in a cell on Leyte island and another mayor and nine of his bodyguards were killed allegedly during a fire-fight in the southern Philippines.

A spokesman for the Parojinogs has a different story on what happened during the police raid.

The president's spokesman mentioned that in the statement released today.

Ammunition, weapons and illegal drugs were seized.