Kathy Griffin Shaved Her Head For The Best Reason

Posted August 01, 2017

The actress and comedian, who's been under fire the past few months after posing for a very controversial magazine cover, shaved her head to stand in solidarity with her sister who is now undergoing chemotherapy while battling cancer.

Given that she didn't shave her head for him, I'm assuming that she likes her sister more. In one of the photos, her mother Maggie Griffin sports a shocked face while touching the top of her daughter's head.

Maggie retweeted the images almost 30 minutes after Ali posted them with the caption: "My daughter Kathleen Mary is a wonderful human being". Meanwhile, it was also reported that Garry Griffin, her brother, has also passed away as he fought against his stage 4 esophageal cancer.

Entertainment news outlets report Griffin's sister, Joyce, has cancer, though the type of cancer has not been disclosed.

The photo of Kathy, smiling with her new hairstyle, is juxtaposed with a snap of Kathy's mother Maggie, who wears an expression of touched surprise. Her act supports her sister in the most handsome and emotional way. She hasn't posted the photos or a statement to her Instagram or Twitter pages as of now. The photo was shared on Twitter by journalist Yashar Ali on July 31.

'I don't think I will have a career after this, ' she said.

Below is Ali's tweet, featuring Griffin sans her strands.