Rihanna & Cara Delevingne Serve Cleavage, Cleavage, CLEAVAGE At The Valerian London Premiere!

Posted July 26, 2017

The long-awaited French comic book adaptation sees Cara Delevingne take on the leading role of Laureline, a strong and feisty female special agent.

She also praised the "excellent" director for being patient with her and getting her into the right place emotionally for the character, who is first introduced to audiences in a cabaret-style dance, during which Bubble changes appearance.

The fans of Rihanna seriously believe that the R'n'B star is pregnant, her body always had a tendance to gain weight - over several months it was very obviously. I didn't like what I stood for.

Meanwhile Cara has been distancing herself from her former career as a model, saying she doesn't "give a s**t" about what she looks like. The star carried a floral-adorned clutch that matched the color of her dress, a red watch and ruby-colored jewels, plus paired the ensemble with a deep berry red lipstick and sultry sunset smoky eye.

Cara Delevingne wearing a Burberry custom suit with a crystal capelet and Burberry sandals.

Having previously starred in Suicide Squad and Paper Towns, fans of the actress will be used to seeing her as an independent protagonist, and she has now revealed that these are the only role she will consider going forward. I will still definitely do it.

Having grown up acting in plays at school, Cara put her theatrical dreams on hoold to follow her older sister Poppy into modelling. I don't use that.

This week she told Radio Times magazine that she "didn't like myself as a model".