Amazon Is Making Its Own Messaging App

Posted July 17, 2017

Facebook's WhatsApp & Instagram, Telegram and Snapchat, among others have amassed more than a billion active users and now, leading e-commerce giant Amazon is planning to launch its own messaging application dubbed as "Anytime". Amazon is allegedly working on a new messaging platform called Anytime, with reports suggesting the company has already started surveying its customers about potential features.

In its description, Anytime would do much of what we expect - such as messaging, calls and video calls - along with photo sharing, @ mentions and a few games thrown in as well.

The social network giant has said they are testing advertising on the Facebook Messenger app, which has 1.2billion monthly users across mobile devices like the iPhone and Android smartphones.

Watch this space for latest news, as we will be keeping a close eye on the Amazon Anytime app. Well, as of now, there is no confirmation regarding this messaging app from the company.

Amid the upsurging popularity of messaging apps, Amazon throws itself into the fray. That means, Anytime will be allowed to link to existing social media platforms and messaging apps.

Further, coming as it does from Amazon, there, of course, will be built-in support for an ordering of stuff from the in-house retail channel in the most convenient manner. Of course, any messaging app will bring security issues. Apparently, the app will enable users to chat with businesses for customer service and even for shopping. Though WhatsApp claims that messages shared on the app are fully encrypted, the reports of a backdoor access to WhatsApp are often seen or heard. Moreover, a very important feature of it will be the ability to share photos and videos with your contacts.

If at all Amazon decides to launch it in India, then I am sure it is going to have UPI integrated into its system.