Sinkhole swallows 2 homes, boat in Pasco County

Posted July 15, 2017

Pasco County officials are tagging nearby homes where they have not been able to make contact with occupants. - A depression has formed and continues to grow in a neighborhood in Land O' Lakes on Friday morning. The boat fell in.

At least 10 homes have been evacuated for safety. Authorities say one home on Ocean Pines Drive was completely destroyed and another is 50 to 60 percent damaged.

The hole opened up within minutes and was the size of a small swimming pool when crews arrived. Authorities said there have been no reported injuries.

Sinkholes are stabilized by boring holes into the ground and injecting concrete. The home last sold in 2015, according to records. He said firefighters and deputies helped people get some of their belongings out of their homes.

"We're now at a situation where we're trying to conserve property, but Mother Nature is going to take what Mother Nature is going to take", Guthrie said.

Emergency workers approached each home in the area to personally evacuate every structure.

The Red Cross is helping families affected by the sinkhole.