Investigation board appointed to look into Monday's military plane crash

Posted July 14, 2017

"To show our support and love for Joe, Gayle, and their children, we will be running the Marine Corps Half Marathon on their behalf on September 16", the Facebook page reads.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant called for prayers for "those hurting after this tragedy". He works for a landscaping company that serves the base.

The other nine Marines aboard, and the plane, were based in Newburgh, N.Y., Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus said. The county coroner, meanwhile, ferried more body bags into fields to remove remains.

Kundrat joined the Marines after graduation from high school.

Federal Bureau of Investigation spokesman Brett Carr told the New York Times that the agency was sending officials to the scene, but authorities did not believe foul play was involved.

"They are looking at the debris and will be collecting information off of that to figure out what happened", Aranda said.

Often used for airborne refueling, the KC-130, made by Lockheed Martin Corp., also can deliver cargo, troops and equipment.

The Marines' commandant expressed his "deepest condolences to the families of those killed in the aircraft mishap yesterday afternoon in MS". "Not one big explosion, but a couple of second-long explosions".

"Your looked up and you saw the plane twirling around", he said. "It was spinning down".

MS congressman Steven Palazzo said on Twitter he was "devastated", and offered prayers for the families of the victims. Jones told CNN that there were bodies on the opposite side of USA 82 from the main crash site. "They are a welcome sight in our skies and so recognizable when we hear them and look up". Another catfish farmer found an empty, open parachute later near a fish pond, Nobile said.

The Marines killed this week were headed to Yuma, Arizona, with guns, ammunition, radios and body armor to participate in training for an eventual deployment somewhere in the Middle East. Mannweiler said such pre-deployment training in the desert would have likely ranged from urban combat to language skills. He said the fire was punctuated by the pops of small explosions.