Handcuffs couldn't stop Oklahoma man from proposing to his girlfriend

Posted July 11, 2017

Brandon Thompson of Muskogee, Okla., asked for his girlfriend's hand in marriage this week, as police placed him under arrest.

Turns out, Thompson isn't the first Oklahoma man to propose while under arrest.

In handcuffs, Thompson got down on one knee and asked Keith to marry him.

Before officers arrived, the family was in the front yard celebrating Thompson's birthday and Independence Day - which fall on the same day.

Thompson's arrest is related to charges that include possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, possession of a controlled risky substance and failure to appear in court, according to NBC.

Anderson hopes that this act of kindness shows that police are not just there to take people to jail, but also they're human beings who feel much of the same feelings, too.

'I didn't want to part ways with her not showing exactly how I feel for her, ' he was reported as saying by CBS. The bodycam video shows Thompson asking his mother if he should "do it now" and told her to get the ring. "I guess it's like an unconditional love, you know?" They moved his handcuffs from behind his back to his front so he could put the ring on her finger.

"When the other officer told me he was gonna propose I think my initial response was, are you kidding me?" said Muskogee Police Department spokesman Lincoln Anderson to NewsOn6.com.

Keith later used all her savings to bail the love of her life out of jail a day after his arrest. He was released the day after his arrest.

The officers agreed to let Thompson propose.

He is scheduled to appear in court on July 17.