Charlie's parents told to spell out fresh evidence after interrupting court hearing

Posted July 11, 2017

Two U.S. Congressmen have promised to introduce a bill that would grant Charlie and his parents Lawful Permanent Resident status (aka "greencard holder") if the courts reconsider and allow him to be transferred. Unfortunately, they are not specialists in Charlie's condition.

Undeterred, Chris Gard and Connie Yates searched for alternatives.

"The Holy Father follows with affection and emotion the story of Charlie Gard and expresses his own closeness to his parents", read a July 2 statement issued by Vatican spokesman Greg Burke.

They said there was a "good prospect" of further evidence producing a different result.

Then, inexplicably, the hospital where Charlie is being kept - Great Ormond Street Hospital in London - refused to release Charlie.

Lawyers representing Charlie's parents said evidence indicated a "small chance" of brain recovery, and that Charlie's case involved "cutting-edge genetic science".

'He's our son, he's our flesh and blood, ' she said.

"There's now seven doctors supporting us from all over the world - from Italy, from America, from England as well, that think that this has a chance", Yates said outside the hospital. "There is nothing to lose, he deserves a chance".

British tabloid The Sun has reported that Pope Francis wants to give Charlie a Vatican passport so the court ruling can be overcome. For this reason, their parents are not allowed to take him somewhere else yet. They have robbed the parents of their natural rights, and set the state up instead as the final arbiter of life and death.

On Sunday, British justice secretary said that the United Kingdom government won't be playing a role in the ultimate decision of Charlie Gard's continued care. Although he said that "no judge has a better understanding of the case" than he has, it was important that there was no "perception of unfairness" when the final decision is made.

"As ministers and as a Government we have no role to play in the Charlie Gard case, as would be the case in any other proceeding in court".

The judge, based in the family division of the high court in London, said Charlie's parents should outline any new evidence they had. This past March doctors told his parents that there was nothing more they could do. The treatment has been administered to a small number of children who have also shown improvement. Though the genetics between mice and human are not the same, this is an excellent opportunity to treat Charlie's condition.

Charlie inherited the faulty RRM2B gene, affecting the cells responsible for energy production and respiration and leaving him unable to move or breathe without a ventilator.

"The Great Ormond Street Hospital requested Mr. Justice Francis to reaffirm his prior ruling", Americans United for Life President Catherine Glenn Foster told from London.

Image Credit: Eddie Keogh / Reuters " This has a chance.

When asked what they will do if the court rules in their favor Yates said they would "get on an air-ambulance and go to the hospital that want to try and save his life".

The case of terminally-ill Charlie Gard will be back before the UK High Court later - after fresh evidence emerged about a potential treatment.