Watch Nintendo's Splatoon 2 Direct Here

Posted July 08, 2017

Players can explore the possibilities of the Nintendo Switch Online app when arrives on July 21, the same day Splatoon 2 releases.

Splatoon 2 will come to the Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2017.

Whether other current games will use the Nintendo Switch Online app in similar ways to Splatoon 2 remains to be seen.

Nintendo had one last Nintendo Direct today focusing on Splatoon 2 before it launches.

The Nintendo Switch Online app will let players voice chat, invite friends to online matches, and create teams.

Like most everybody else, I was wary when Nintendo announced that so much of the typical features you'd expect to be built into a console's online services would be handled by an app, but I'm also cautiously optimistic about it. We've yet to try out the Nintendo Switch Online app just yet, but it sounds like it'll feature a fairly robust set of options. There's no Miiverse social media hub on the Switch, but you can still draw in Splatoon 2.

Once the app is downloaded, you then have to connect the headset to an arrow-shaped device which further splits off into two more wires.

While Nintendo's multiplayer features are now free to access on the Switch, the full version will cost pla $20 (£16) per year when it launches, The Independent says. The app and the game are to be released in the difference of hours, and the app will start working in correspondence to the game. For now, however, Nintendo is letting owners test some of those features for free, at least until the paid service launches in full next year.

Members of the online service are entitled to regular deals through the eShop marketplace, adds the site.

Starting next weekend, you can access a Splatoon 2 multiplayer demo for free. You can have your handheld sensitivity differ from your docked, giving you complete control over how you like to play.

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