WhatsApp Adds Night Mode Feature to In-App Camera in iPhones

Posted July 04, 2017

WhatsApp seems to have brought about two new features those are handy improvements to the users. The other new feature on WhatsApp is the option of searching for emojis by just typing in the keyword. As reported by Gadgets 360, WhatsApp now comes with Emoji Search for the Android app, while the Messenger for iPhone has also received the video streaming feature.

The first feature will basically allow users to change the font using the app's text selection toolbar.

With the WhatsApp version 2.17.148, the app started rolling out the customizable floating text toolbar in order to let you change the font styles.

WhatsApp to introduce Night Mode feature to improve photos captured in low-light
Upcoming WhatsApp Night Mode Feature to Improve Pictures Snapped in Low Light

If you your memory serves you well, WhatsApp introduced a nifty feature to the platform in 2016.

Called "Night Mode" in the WhatsApp translation page, uncovered by the folks at PhoneRadar, the new feature is created to deliver photos in lowlight conditions. Last year, WhatsApp introduced new strong, italic and strikethrough textual styles alongside fixedsys monospace text style too. The feature is great and time saving, where you no longer have to scroll sideways as you search for the appropriate emoji to use in a conversation. One had to remember a set of rules that had to be applied to the text in question in order to change the font to whatever they needed. There is no word yet regarding when this feature will be released in Android. Just type whatever emoji you wish to use, like say pig for the piggy emoji, and you'll find the relevant result. However, you will also notice the "three little dots" button located at the end. Of course, it is not the usual "night mode" feature which enables the user to reverse the black text on white background to produce a UI that won't strain the user's eyes at night.

It is used to support for all file sharing and also including MP3 etc.