Kevin Feige Reveals If Spider-Man Will Be In VENOM Movie

Posted July 02, 2017

So strap on your web-shooters, and we get ready to swing through the twenty greatest (and ten worst) Spider-Man villains!

British actor Tom Holland, who plays the web-slinging hero, showed up at the premiere accompanied by an actor in full Spider-Man costume who was lying on the bonnet of a auto and performing back flips for the crowd. It's hard to get to the real meat and potatoes of what makes [a character] tick. It seems as though it manages to do just that, with Goldberg's declaration that Spider-Man "finally feels right at home".

After being fired from a job, Adrian Toombs aka Vulture (Michael Keaton) steals some of the alien-tech he and his men found and experimented with it, creating weapons and selling them. The fruits of this new partnership between the two studios will soon be with us, as Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to crawl into theatres next week, with a ton of positive buzz surrounding it.

It looks like the explanation for Venom isn't any less baffling for now, but we at least know Spider-Man will for sure be absent in the film. "He's as excited to be playing Peter Parker as Peter Parker is about getting to be Spider-Man", said director Jon Watts.

Zendaya (L) and Robert Downey Jr. Tom Holland wants to stay in London "for as long as he can" but admits he does love the Los Angeles sunshine. Those tech fields could pay off.

Putting on the Spider-Man suit for the first time is a life-changing moment - and it is - but Tom says that the magic feeling doesn't go away. On a purely entertainment based level, few things in 2017 can rival it. "I said, 'In ten years, I'd like to be the Spider-Man after Andrew Garfield.' I'd never have guessed that it would have come true so quickly". THR thinks that Holland adds to the personality-rich Marvel franchise, particularly because of his humor. Sit tight for that article early next month, which is literally just days away. Well, if you own a PlayStation 4, there's some new Spider-Man: Homecoming content to check out while you wait impatiently for the full movie. "Spider-Man was always meant to be the kid in a world of superheroes".