Justin Trudeau couldn't contain his glee while marching in a Pride parade

Posted June 28, 2017

Rather than cheers for a publicity stunt seeking, nine points down in popularity polls Trudeau, a chill should have run down the backs of each and every LGBT person who marched or was in attendance at yesterday's parade.

The move comes after Black Lives Matter Toronto refused to participate in Pride marches due to police presence at the events. "I've been to Gay Pride all over the worked from Tel Aviv to San Paolo to Chicago and the Chicago Pride is so much fun", DeLaria said.

Last year, Justin became the first sitting prime minister to march in a Pride parade.

But for almost 15 minutes, the coalition - filled with members of the Black Transgender Gender Non-Conforming Collective, Black Lives Matter Chicago, Jewish Voice for Peace, Assata's Daughters and Pilsen Alliance - chanted explicative-laced insults toward police officers and Donald Trump and denounced LGBTQ organizations they said overlook marginalized people within the community.

Just a week after the Stonewall Columbus Pride Parade was interrupted by protesters, the festival coordinator has stepped down. So does the involvement of corporate sponsors that benefit from mass incarceration and the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, she said.

In New York, police said 12 people were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

"It was a flag from my congregation which celebrates my queer, Jewish identity which I have done for over a decade marching in the Dyke March with the same flag", she said.

"A couple years ago, during this event, was when marriage equality was announced, then last year it took a little more somber tone", said Amy Klujian, Back Lot Bash Co-Founder.

"Any time anybody is excluded it can't be a good thing", Tory told reporters.

BLM's New York City organizers Kei Williams and Kleaver Cruz wrote an open letter calling for the complete removal of all New York Police Department officers and Pride decorated police cars.

"I, like many people who make up what is likely the silent majority, believe that the Toronto police should be allowed to participate in the gay Pride parade in their uniforms".

MPP Sophie Kiwala said the event also continues to foster more enthusiastic participants with each year. Lucky Vincent Bersales, who grew up in the Philippines, marched for the first time in this year's parade, wearing a floor-length blue dress with diamond accents.

Thousands lined Toronto's Yonge Street for the annual Pride parade, though continued debate over the exclusion of the city's police force swirled amid the colourful procession that weaved its way through the downtown core. Members of the group also held a similar demonstration in downtown Vancouver.