Prepare to go off-road in the new Final Fantasy 15 update

Posted June 27, 2017

The update for the auto is available at Hammerhead and you have got to talk to Cindy to customize the Regalia.

Final Fantasy 15's newest title update introduces a way for players to drive off-road with a bonkers-looking new vehicle called the Regalia Type-D.

The Final Fantasy 15 Type-D off-road auto is one of many free post-release updates introduced to the huge open-world role-playing game following its release in late 2016.

The Type-D customization effectively converts the party's auto into a monster truck.

This latest update, patch 1.12, will take up 8.65 gigabytes of space on PS4 - it's a big one.

As for the upgrade itself, simply go to your Hammerhead base of operations, grab the enhancement for the Type-D, and you're good - it'll even sport hilarious over-sized tires to boot.

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