'Virender Sehwag should replace Anil Kumble as Team India coach'

Posted June 26, 2017

The fall of the Indian team in the India vs. Pak finals has cost him his job.

For nearly a month, ever since news broke that there would be no perfunctory renewal of his contract, Anil Kumble had been a man walking the plank. The picture will be a lot clearer after the appointment of the new coach prior to the Indian team leaving for a tour of Sri Lanka next month.

Now post this, another source from the cricket fraternity unveiled that there are some reasons that roped in clashes between Indian players and Kumble. For years, the story of plugs, leaks, plants, un-sourced reportage has found its way in print. These elements reduce the overall emoluments amount available for distribution to players and support staff involved with worldwide cricket. He is more mature person, he decided that look, ok, fair enough. It has been to the contrary.

The statement from the former legendary leg spinner confirmed the reports about Kohli's alleged spat with Kumble regarding differences of opinion on selection matters. "I am amazed after his resignation", Wadekar said remembering the old moments with Kumble.

Kumble and the legends in the CAC were shown the "mirror" by Kohli now.

One wished he had preserved this sanctity before by telling his teammates to follow the same.

Shikhar Dhawan continued from where he left the important part in the important match which is the Champions Trophy and Ajinkya Rahane proved that he can be a solid option at the top of the order for the batsman team which can take forward by the player Rohit Sharma.

The reaction, with emotions at fever pitch following the loss to Pakistan, was predictable.

Kumble has gone and yet what he wrote to the CoA over wage hikes as a presentation is being "leaked" to the media. They had "offered" Kumble an extension is what we have been given to understand.

Does it mean Kohli has no respect for Kumble as coach? The CAC should have first interviewed the candidates in fray - Virender Sehwag, Tom Moody, Lalchand Rajput, Dodda Ganesh and Richard Pybus. Looking at the sequence of events, it can safely be said that they have all botched it up. What is the need of having a super coach above them?

"Kumble also needs to clarify who in the BCCI informed him about Virat's unhappiness about him".

Today, it's impossible to believe anyone connected with Indian cricket.

Virat Kohli is an extremely competitive and emotional individual.

Kohli is not ideal and he would be the first one to admit, but questioning his integrity and character is taking it too far.

"For us that is paramount", Kohli stated. Well, as a commentator, Shastri can surely meet the Indian skipper. The coach is like any elder at home, deserving all respect. In terms of governance also, how can you take a stand that the International Cricketing Committee will comprise of only eight or 10 people? No balls bowled and genuine run-outs are being seen with suspicion. Sourav Ganguly, Greg Chappell, Shane Warne, John Buchanan, Kevin Pietersen, Andy Flower are some of the names that come to mind, where there was friction between coach and players and invariably it was coach, who was to blame.