Megyn Kelly defends planned interview of Sandy Hook shootings denier

Posted June 13, 2017

When news of NBC's hiring of Kelly broke, one executive reportedly said that "the degree of difficulty" would be "extremely high" for Kelly and if she does not succeed, "she could end up fading into obscurity", especially since her trial run at Fox News for a news-magazine show was panned and got awful ratings.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has spent years on a cruel crusade trying to convince people that the parents of the children slain at Sandy Hook Elementary School are liars. Bill De Blasio, the mayor of NY, said the network should "pull the segment".

During the interview, which was slated to air June 18, Kelly broached the topic of Sandy Hook with Jones. "How would you feel if someone shot your kids, some food said it wasn't true- and I gave him a show?" "Judge it when you see it. Megyn does a strong interview". "You can't just put him in a box and say he's just a character". She goes on to confront him about his conspiracy theories. "Where is he getting these theories and this information?..." has exclusively learned that former Fox personality Megyn Kelly has been a "ratings disaster" - and she's only been on the job a few weeks!

Marquez-Greene said her family frequently receives mails from hoaxers implying that the shooting is a government conspiracy, suggesting that actors had been involved and accusing them of making millions off an Obama hoax.

But a serious sit-down interview was a poor choice for a figure like Jones.

The family of Vicki Soto, a teacher who was killed at Sandy Hook, posted a letter on Facebook about the interview. He's demanding that NBC pull the interview from its schedule.

Marquez-Greene told CBS News she anxious that the interview will encourage other conspiracy theorists, some of whom, she says, have harassed her and accused her of being part of a giant hoax. The school shooting four and a half years ago left 20 children and six staffers dead. "Shame on you @megynkelly".

"Sandy Hook is complex because I've had debates with devil's advocates that the whole story is true, then I've had debates when I've said that none of it is true", Jones tells Kelly, right on cue.

J.P. Morgan Chase JPM 0.02% & Co. has asked for its local TV ads and digital ads to be removed from Ms. Kelly's show and from all NBC news programming until after the show airs, according to a person familiar with the matter. A representative from J.P. Morgan declined to comment.

Jones also described Kelly as not feminine, cold and robotic. On Monday, he claimed, without evidence, that NBC had used "deceptive editing" to make him look like a monster.