Warriors' Green stays in Game 4 after technical foul fiasco

Posted June 12, 2017

NBA referees said that miscommunication with members of the scorer's table caused confusion following a technical foul on Draymond Green during third quarter in Friday night's NBA Finals Game 4.

Officials following the game said they thought the scorer's table had been informed that the technical foul called had been for Kerr.

"I take full responsibility for that", Callahan said.

"I don't pay that much attention to anybody in Cleveland, honestly", he said.

"I thought they called [the first technical] on Draymond", Kerr said.

When Green picked up what appeared to be his second technical, the Cleveland crowd got even more boisterous and the obligatory arena songs for a player being ejected blared.

"I just try to play basketball", Green said. "At least if I'm going to get them, I think I should like, let me earn them".

Late in Game 4 past year, Green swiped at LeBron James' groin and was subsequently given a flagrant foul.

"After calling the loose ball foul on Draymond Green, I noticed the reaction by Coach Kerr and then assessed the technical foul".

Except, maybe not? Despite it going into the scorebook as a technical foul on Green, and being recorded by the NBA's own realtime play-by-play as a technical foul on Green, and being remembered by the announcers and fans and everyone watching the game as a technical foul on Green, when it came time for Green's summary ejection, suddenly the officials had it another way.

Green had apparently been assessed the first-quarter technical for complaining about a foul call after he had struck the Cavs' Iman Shumpert. And in a game filled with insane moments, this one wound up topping them all. No explanation was given about the play by the officials to the pool reporter after the game.

Tyronn Lue, Cavaliers coach: "Mike Callahan told me that the first one they called was on Steve Kerr".

"So I don't know. So if they didn't call it (ejecting Pachulia), then I guess it wasn't anything". That gave him an accumulation of flagrant foul points and forced him to sit out Game 5 as the Warriors lost their chance to clinch the series, and they eventually fell in seven games. We got to play a little nasty. If you come into the game chanting my name, you be at home thinking about me.

"We can't take any nonsense".