Stuck subway prompts NYC grad to hold underground ceremony

Posted June 09, 2017

The stalled train did not derail any of the pomp and circumstance though.

A NY college student who got stuck on a subway train before his graduation on Tuesday received his "diploma" underground.

"I spoke loudly to everyone and said to the whole vehicle, 'Thank you guys so much for coming out today".

Due to an increasing amount of NY subway delays, this poor grad student missed his official commencement ceremony.

They even played the ultimate graduation song and created a makeshift diploma.

Afzal's video has gone viral on Facebook, with thousands of comments and a handful of people drawing the hilarious similarities with a Full House episode in which Uncle Jesse missed his graduation after taking the train.

"It wasn't so much an idea, but something that just happened", the graduate told New York Magazine. "So our graduation was held in the MTA - for better or for worse".

He put in the hard work and earned his degree - but for recent grad Jerich Marco Alcantara, attending his formal graduation ceremony was just not to be.

Alcantara's E train grinded to a halt between stations in Queens, apparently as a result of a malfunction that triggered the emergency brakes.

The video shows Alcantara going around hugging people as most people in his auto join in the fun, despite being stuck on the train for so long.

"I tried lightening the mood", Alcantara said.

Jerich, who was already wearing his cap and gown, watched minutes turn to hours, realizing he would miss the entire ceremony.

Alcantara said he will be getting his actual diploma in the mail sometime soon. Now, Alcantara, who studied nursing, will study for his nursing board exams to become a fully fledged registered nurse.

So in true NY fashion, you make the most of what you've got, even if that means one of life's biggest moments has to go down on the E-train.