Trump Today: President slams Justice Department over 'watered down' travel ban

Posted June 06, 2017

"People, the lawyers and the courts can call it whatever they want, but I am calling it what we need and what it is, a TRAVEL BAN!", Trump tweeted.

On Monday morning, Supreme Court litigator Neal Katyal reposted a series of Trump's tweets related to the ban and questioned whether it would be better to "cede our 30 [minutes] at lectern to the [defendant] to make case for us".

Trump added that the Justice Department should not have stopped his original plan, replacing it with a "watered down, political correct version they submitted to S.C". The original order, which was signed at the end of his first week in office, was hastily unveiled without significant input from top Trump national security advisers or the agencies tasked with implementing the order.

The ban temporarily restricts travel from a handful of Muslim-majority countries to the U.S., CNN reported.

But, to ensure that his morning tweet storm would inflict maximum damage upon himself, Trump reverted to one of his favorite attacks: an attack on the courts.

President Trump's sharp response to the terror attacks overseas did not stop with the travel ban Monday.

Last week, his administration rolled out new policies for those seeking a U.S. visa, asking for the social media handles they have used over the last five years and biographical information going back 15 years. In their filings last week in the Supreme Court, Justice Department lawyers said even so, both versions are "aimed at the same national security objectives - facilitating a few of existing screening and vetting procedures".

And in what appeared an attempt to reassure Americans about their safety here at home, the commander in chief fired off another tweet promising "EXTREME VETTING" of individuals coming into the U.S.

Trump also accused the courts of making "political" decisions, presumably regarding his executive order on travel from the six countries. "I think you can do that without a travel ban and hopefully we are". But legal eagles and courts have noted not only what he has put out on social media but also his campaign speeches in concluding that he has pushed for a religion specific travel ban.

If the Supreme Court decides to take the case, Trump's latest tweets will likely further undermine his position.

On Monday, he slammed his Justice Department on Twitter for what he views as a "watered down" version. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard the arguments in Trump's appeal to dispose of the rulings by Hawaii and Washington and reinstate the Ban.

Trump's tweet renews his mischaracterization of Khan's statement to London residents following a vehicle and knife attack that left seven people dead and dozens injured.