Dazed Tiger Woods struggles to walk in straight line in arrest video

Posted June 04, 2017

The career of Tiger Wood took another turn for the worse on Monday with his arrest in Florida for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

As Woods tried to tie the laces of his shoe, after a police officer had pointed out to him his left shoe was untied, he proceeds to untie the wrong side of his shoe instead.

The Mercedes, which still had its engine running, brake lights on and right indicator flashing, was said to have sustained "fresh damage".

The model, who has 8 million followers on Instagram, said she had no history with Woods, including phone calls or text messages.

The 14-time major victor was arrested on 29 May and released a statement the following day saying that he took "full responsibility" for the incident and that he "didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly". The officer ends that test and asks Woods to stand on the white line to determine if he can walk straight.

When initially asked where he was coming from, Woods replied, "L.A", and told them he was heading to "Orange County", indicating that he thought he was in Southern California. The video shows the golfer in a shall we say ... a "zoned out" state during the stop and absolutely sailing the field sobriety tests. Police say Woods blew.000 meaning there was no alcohol in his system. When asked if he understood the Romberg alphabet test (reciting the alphabet without singing or rhyming), Tiger responded, "Yes, recite entire national anthem backwards".

Police noted that Woods was cooperative, but his speech was "extremely slow and slurred, mumbled and confused".

Woods will appear in Palm Beach County Court on 5 July charged with drinking under the influence.

Woods apologized to his family, friends and fans, thanked police and vowed to "do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again".

Woods, 41, was arrested on Memorial Day after police in Jupiter discovered the golfer just after 2 a.m. asleep in his vehicle, which was stopped in the right lane of the road.

The 14-time major champion was taken into custody at 2:49 am Monday, booked into jail at 7:18 am and released on his own recognisance at 10:50 am. The latest operation has ruled him out for the rest of the PGA Tour season. He has had several back surgeries, including one a month ago. "I didn't realiae the mix of medications had affected me so strongly".