Video shows bounty hunters approach man before shootout

Posted June 03, 2017

Three people have been killed in a shooting at the Nissan Of Greenville auto dealership in Hunt County, about 45 miles northeast of Dallas, local police say.

Cell phone video released Wednesday by the city of Greenville and posted by FOX 4 News shows the moments before several rounds of shots ring out.

Hennepin County Sheriff's Office in Minneapolis issued a warrant for Hutchinson after he failed to appear on a first-degree felony drug charge.

A police department account indicated that, shortly after 7 p.m., Hutchinson was approached by Bernal and Garcia, who drew their weapons and began giving Hutchinson commands.

Bernal and Garcia returned fire.

According to police, about 20 shots were fired in about six seconds.

Three men were killed after a gunfight at an East Texas auto dealership.

Peters said he didn't know Bernal, 33, but had been friends with Garcia for a decade and said he would not misrepresent himself. The shooting is still under investigation at this time.

"They didn't call the cops because I believe that if they cops had gotten involved they would have made the arrest and these two individuals wouldn't have gotten paid their bounty for getting the fugitive", Schulte said.

"We referred the case to them once we found probable cause that Mr. Hutchinson could be in Texas", Peters said.

"Enjoyed his life in Corpus Christi, lived a modest and humble life", Peters said about Garcia.

"It's very risky because you don't have the police authority being a bounty hunter", Steel said.

Several hours later, after 49-year-old Ramon Hutchinson arrived, the two men walked into an office with guns drawn.

The dealership will be closed Wednesday at least, perhaps even longer.

In Texas, there is really no license for a 'bounty hunter.' They are licensed private investigators and have to have prior law enforcement experience or investigative experience, take numerous classes, go through an Federal Bureau of Investigation background check and pass a state exam.

Jose Cano said his wife, María, who sits near the entrance, heard gunshots and ducked under her desk.