New Poll Shows Americans Remain Strongly Divided Over Impeaching Trump

Posted June 01, 2017

According to the Public Policy Poll, a whopping 48 percent of Americans are in support of a Trump impeachment. Since Trump's inauguration, Dem's have called for Trump's impeachment to the point I became deaf to their declaration. "It is time for a full and thorough investigation led by the United States Congress".

"I believe that calling for impeachment this early is a form of hyper-partisanship", said McCann, a Trump supporter who may run for Governor next year.

Calls for impeachment have stemmed from alleged contacts between his 2016 campaign and Russian officials, and members of Congress as well as intelligence officials have expressed concern that members of the Trump campaign may have knowingly or unknowingly colluded with Russians in their effort to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. The towns calling for congressional action to remove the president from office include the MA municipalities of Amherst, Brookline, Cambridge, Leverett and Pelham, as well as the California municipalities of Alameda, Berkeley, Los Angeles and Richmond, Politico reports.

Meanwhile, Republican state Sen. "Democrats and Republicans are unlikely to cooperate for impeachment". "It is at this point unclear on the law whether a sitting president can be indicted".

The Constitution gives Congress a tool to remove a President who commits severe offenses.

Donald Trump returned from his big global trip this week to find the same old mountain of scandals awaiting him, but the biggest threat to his presidency may have nothing at all to do with the twists and turns of the Russian Federation collusion investigation - or Trump's obstruction thereof.

Pawar reportedly vowed to advocate that the city council of Chicago to look into the issue of impeachment despite being watered down and stuck in the Rules Committee where Alderman Ed Burke is the vice chair. While Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached, neither one had enough votes against them to drive them from the presidency. Further, 43 percent of those hoping for impeachment believe Trump has committed an impeachable offense.

In 1974, President Richard Nixon was facing impeachment procedures over the Watergate scandal, but resigned from office before it went through.

However, Pawar said, "that's not why I introduced the resolution calling on Congress to begin impeachment proceedings". "Frankly, history will judge us in this moment on how we act ..."