Schapelle Corby's first Instagram post

Posted May 28, 2017

Indonesia has deported Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby.

The footage marks the first time she has been seen in more than a week.

Police deployed at least 100 officers to secure Corby's departure, from her house to the parole officer's office and the airport.

There were chaotic scenes as she negotiated her way to the Bali airport via the parole office where she signed forms guaranteeing her freedom.

So desperate were the media for a glimpse of the woman dubbed the Ganja Queen in Indonesia, one journalist fell off the wall bordering the parole office - where she signed final documents - falling two metres to a sickening thud.

"We have coordinated with the immigration department, we will guard until she leaves for Australia", said Hadi Purnomo, police chief of the Balinese capital Denpasar.

The family denies that any media deals, for any kind of tell-all interview, have been done, describing reports that they sought $400,000 for an interview as rubbish.

Instead, she was sentenced to 20 years' in Bali's notorious Kerobokan jail. The rest is the stuff of tele-movies, books, TV specials and endless column inches of newspapers. Her sister Mercedes, who lives in Indonesia, shielded her from journalists' cameras as they walked to a vehicle.

Schapelle is so well known, she's known by one name. Corby posted a clip on her new Instagram account: "Oooh that's a big one", Mercedes says, referring to a camera looming through the tinted auto windows.

Corby was declared "healthy" and "well" ahead of her deportation.

Schapelle Corby and sister Mercedes hide their faces leaving the parole office
Schapelle Corby and sister Mercedes hide their faces leaving the parole office

She said on Thursday former AFP commissioner Mick Keelty, ex-Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and former Customs Minister Chris Ellison all knew the truth about her daughter's innocence.

Ms Bonella stayed with the family at the luxury Sentosa Seminyak resort in those heady days immediately after Corby was released on parole in February 2014.

After 12 years, drug smuggler flies home.

To document her travels, the former beauty therapist opened an Instagram account on Friday that attracted more than 3000 followers nearly immediately.

Even so, life back in Australia will be a big readjustment.

The beauty school dropout covered her face with a scarf as she was bustled out of her home on the Indonesian resort island, amid heavy security as a huge pack of Australian and global journalists jostled to get a shot of her. "She's going to be recognised for sure like Lindy Chamberlain for the rest of her life".

The modest Kuta villa in which Schapelle Corby has been living while on parole in Bali. She was ushered into the airport through a gate usually reserved for the airforce. "We'll be trying to get her back into the swing of things so she feels confident". "But I felt that Corby has the chance to fix herself". Her brother Michael, fresh from a surf, would rub the sand onto her feet.

But the Gold Coast beautician duped the large media contingent that had hoped to accompany her on the flight back to Australia and swapped planes at the 11th hour.

Now she has to once again say goodbye to her dogs. My puppies #Luna&May, ' she wrote.