Look for Ramadan moon Friday - Sultan

Posted May 28, 2017

Muslims all over the world observe total fasting between dawn and sunset in the month of Ramadan.

Makkah/Dubai: The first day of Ramadan will be on Saturday, the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia and UAE officials announced a short while ago on Thursday May 25, 2017 corresponding to 29th Shaban of the Islamic Calendar.

Date of Ramadan is fixed every year.

"The Ulama should, during Tafseer/preaching, proffer solutions to problems that have become endemic in the society, especially corruption and injustice at all level, political thuggery, adultery, cultism, witchcraft, ritual killings, the breakdown of Muslim family values, gambling and intoxication, dishonestly, insecurity and all other social vices and moral decadence bedevilling the society", he appealed".

At the end of Ramadan, after 29 or 30 days, Muslims celebrate the Eid al-Fitr holiday. One who fasts does feel exhausted the closer time is to break fast.

Such an education plan also alerts when their medical situation requires breaking the fast.

To determine when exactly the holy month will begin, Muslim-majority countries look to local moon sighters, according to Al Jazeera. Other acts of worship such as prayer, reading the Quran and charity are also encouraged during Ramadan. Generally, in a Muslim majority country, some people do not have to work during Ramadan. The month is sacred to Muslims because tradition says it marks the period when the Koran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed.

Ramadan is known as the holy month of fasting, with Muslims abstaining from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.

Fasting has health benefit which allows the digestive system, the engine of the body, to rest from the normal demands of processing and breaking down food, freeing up system resources to cleanse and purify the body of accumulated toxins, thereby allowing more effective healing and tissue fix. Ramadan is a time for individuals to count their blessings. Consider the fact that those worldwide who are actually starving can't simply anticipate a delicious feast every night, and one who is only fasting can't really complain. It is considered as the holiest month and this year it starts from May 26 and ends on June 24. Fasting is not just disconnection between body and food; it is making a strong connection between us and God. Children, pregnant women, elderly and unwell people and girls who are menstruating are allowed not to fast.

The beginning of Ramadan has traditionally been based on "hilal" sightings, which is the traditional method mentioned in the Quran and followed by the Prophet Muhammad.

During Ramadan, people offer evening prayer at mosques.