Dwayne Johnson opens up to Jimmy Fallon about potential 2020 presidential run

Posted May 22, 2017

Dwayne Johnson is "officially" running for president, and he used his monologue as the host of the Saturday Night Live season finale over the weekend to sharing the big news.

"A lot of people have been telling me lately that I should be running for president", said Johnson, during his fifth time hosting the show. Soon Alec Baldwin joined The Rock on stage to welcome him to the five-timers club. And I also think that, over the years, I've become a guy that a lot of people kinda relate to.

Hanks pointed out that Johnson's description sort of fit themselves.

Rumours that Johnson might launch a presidential bid have floated in the ether for some time. It's a bit of a simple premise, but it's the characters themselves and their names that make it amusing, including a special cameo of a character from a previous sketch that I won't spoil if you haven't watched the sketch yet.

"A better leadership. I think more poised, less noise", he said.

Speaking of Republicans, one person observed that the politics of the two didn't really mesh.

"In it, as we were talking about it she goes "Would you ever consider running for President" and I said 'Yeah, of course I would consider it.'" Johnson explained.

Hanks went on to claim that he and Dwayne would get 100% of the votes because he fought in World War II "in like ten movies" and would get the senior vote. "Because everyone assumes I'm. whatever they are". "Dwayne, I could not possibly turn this down", Hanks said.

"The truth is [that] America needs us", Hanks said.

"Uh, Dwayne, that kinda sounds like you and me", Hanks said.

Johnson told the outlet it is "a real possibility".

"Americans deserve strong capable leaders", Johnson continued. I love taking care of people. In fact, there was a national poll conducted by Public Policy Polling that determined Johnson would beat Donald Trump if an election were held today.

"Three and a half years is a long ways away", Johnson told host Jimmy Fallon.