'Dr Phil' to air interview with Aaron Hernandez's fiancee

Posted May 16, 2017

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez told an interviewer this week she doesn't trust the reports of her fiancée's suicide.

The fiancee of former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is speaking out publicly for the first time.

Hernandez was in prison serving a life sentence after he was convicted in April 2015 of murder, unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition for the June 2013 killing of Lloyd in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell April 19 at Souza Baranowski Correction Center in Shirley, five days after he was acquitted of double-murder charges.

"I felt like we were looking so bright", she added.

Part of the message to Jenkins-Hernandez also said: "You're rich".

It remains unclear whether Jenkins-Hernandez will receive a National Football League pension or other funds due to ongoing wrongful-death litigation. The two-part interview is scheduled to air on Monday and Tuesday.

Jenkins-Hernandez says that her conversations with Aaron Hernandez prior to his death were "completely normal", and and that he said nothing to lead her to believe he was depressed, let alone committing suicide.

She said their final conversation was abruptly cut off. "I feel like he could have been saved or something could have been done or whatever the case may have been, I feel like someone was in the wrong somewhere". "That was a little odd to me", said Jenkins-Hernandez, according to the Daily Mail. "I don't know what to believe".

"Kyle is devastated by Aaron's death", said a pal of Kennedy's.

"I just know that the feedback I was getting from our last talk had nothing to do with any suicidal thoughts".

"I did see that it was addressed to "Shay" instead of you know, Babe or Bae, the way he would refer me as".

Jenkins-Hernandez unequivocally stated that if she'd known or even suspected that Aaron Hernandez was contemplating suicide, she would have done whatever she need to do to get him the help he needed.

According to a promo from the show, Jenkins-Hernandez is going to set "the record straight about her fiancé's mysterious jail cell death". "We were going up a ladder to a positive direction", Shayanna told Dr. Phil.

She opens up about his suicide and the note he left behind. According to his fiancee, the suicide note Aaron Hernandez left for her was unusual and not necessarily written as she imagined he would have done.

"It screamed love, but it wasn't personal, it wasn't intimate". "Until we can get in there and do our own investigation and I actually trust where the answers are coming from, maybe I can have some comfort in the truth".