It's Nurses' Day but nurses are outstanding all the time

Posted May 13, 2017

The hospitals also saw a tombola, "Name that Nurse" competition and a celebration cake for each of the wards and community nursing offices operated by the hospitals trust.

"It's also appropriate that this year our commencement ceremony falls during National Nurses Week and on what would have been the 197th birthday of Florence Nightingale, founder of nursing as a modern profession", College of Nursing Dean Victoria Niederhauser said.

The nurse in the home was concerned as she had trained specifically in mental health, and while confident and competent in managing the lady's dementia, she was concerned about moving and hurting her. She says this week is an important time of year. World War I saw military nurses actively recruited as helpers of battlefield surgeons, and World War II established them as the needed providers of constant and continuous patient care.

Working with the pioneering British statistician William Farr and public health and urban poverty expert Edwin Chadwick, she compiled, analyzed and presented understandable and detailed information on the living conditions of England's poorest citizens, as well as the living conditions, public health, and medical care of those living in India.

Nicky said: "Today we wish to pay tribute to all our nurses in Live Well South West".

"The most rewarding part is being able to be part of a team where we all have the same goal", she said. It is a privilege to care for patients that need the NHS service. You have to do a year's extra study and 1500 hours of advanced clinical practice working under supervision. This is indeed a matter of great pride to all the Malayali nurses out there. - Barack Obama, Former US PresidentCaring is the essence of nursing.

John said; "One of the best things about being a nurse is seeing people get better after they have arrived acutely unwell and they have responded to your treatment". She is best recalled as an alcoholic, far more interested in her next glass of gin than the needs of her patients.

Due to her work at the Scutari hospital and the changes she made there, Florence became popular. Undertaking this role sensitively and respectfully has the potential to help people with this hard journey through the bereavement process.

"The role is varied and challenging".

Matron Di Green nominated Sally Scarff, a registered nurse, saying that even though she is new to the post, just a couple of months, she has already seen the commitment and compassion that Sally has for her patients and has seen how she supports her peers.

On #InternationalNursesDay we're shouting out to all the wonderful nurses who support people in need - especially our information nurses!

Gemma Culverwell went into nursing aged 19 after previously training as a nursery nurse. We have to take steps along with our nursing leaders to maximise the potential of our knowledge and skills. The theme for National Nurses Week is "Culture of safety - it starts with YOU".

"Each day has set routine, but there is a lot of variety within that".