Hernandez family planning private funeral in Connecticut

Posted April 24, 2017

A co-defendant in Lloyd's murder privately confirmed to detectives that Lloyd knew Hernandez's secret, Newsweek reported.

More details have been coming to light in the wake of Hernandez's death, revealing just how troubled Hernandez may have been, and how he possibly posed a threat to everyone around him, including reporters.

Aaron Hernandez's family is planning a private funeral for the former NFL star in his CT hometown of Bristol, where Hernandez was a standout football and basketball player in high school.

In the hours after Aaron Hernandez committed suicide Wednesday, authorities in MA said that the former Patriots tight end didn't leave any type of note before killing himself.

While working for the Boston Herald, Rapaport interviewed Hernandez, who had recently been drafted by the New England Patriots.

Why did Aaron Hernandez shoot and kill his former friend Odin Lloyd in an industrial park near his home back in 2013?

According to a report from Newsweek, Hernandez may have been bisexual and anxious about people finding out.

Hernandez left behind notes for his fiancée, his daughter, and a close prison friend that law enforcement sources described as his boyfriend.

But multiple law-enforcement officials directly involved in the Lloyd murder case now believe that the ex-pal knew about Hernandez's bisexuality and the Patriots player feared it would be made public, Newsweek said. If the purportedly romantic relationship was a motive for Lloyd's murder, it is unclear why this was not reported until after Hernandez's death. The notes were placed next to a Bible that was opened to the page containing John 3:16, according to Newsweek. Five years later, he was connected to a shooting in Boston that left two men dead, but was found not guilty of that crime five days before he committed suicide. The verse was also written on his forehead in red ink, and his hands and feet were adorned with red stigmata-like marks.