Friend of Janet Jackson Speaks Out in Her Defense Against Rumors

Posted April 23, 2017

"Gil continue to defend Janet and the #JanFam will back you up", another one exclaimed. "It's not in her character to want and or accept 500 million", Gil Duldulao wrote on Instagram.

"Having a baby has upped her desire to release positive music and she wants her new songs to be a celebration of life, love and motherhood", a source told The Sun newspaper. It's [called] character, people, and she is not the one [to do something like this]. So you f-kers that state that - f-k you. That's not my friend and will never be.

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Gil Duldulao (@ghsduldulao) pada April 15, 2017 pada 4:06 PDT Gil also told people to "check [their] facts", correcting that Janet had been married for four years instead of five. Keep trying. you a**holes.

"Currently, there is no public record of Janet Jackson and her still current husband, Wissam [Al-Mana]'s prenup", Blavity offers, "and it has never been disclosed".

That payout can increase even more if the couple had a child.

Following their announcement to go their separate ways earlier this month, the Qatari tycoon penned a brief but emotional message to his estranged wife. Though some reports are suggesting the 50-year-old will receive a multi-million dollar settlement from Al Mana - who is worth an estimated $1 billion - per a prenuptial agreement, Duldulao says otherwise. Yes, Al Mana is a billionaire, but Jackson is supposedly worth approximately $150 million herself, so she's obviously not in need. That had led some on social media to speculate that Jackson stayed with Al Mana for five years so she could get more money from him. It makes you think about what's working and what's not.