Join us for March for Science on Earth Day

Posted April 22, 2017

What rankles many critics is that the march has positioned itself as the arbiter of what represents legitimate science and what doesn't by accepting partnerships with some groups and rejecting others, decisions that opponents say have been governed more by political than scientific analysis.

The ASA is a partner of Washington's March for Science, and Lamont said she reached out to all the heads of university sociology departments around the county, urging them to participate.

The march is being organised by scientists who are skeptical about the agenda of US President Donald Trump who has repeatedly described climate change as a hoax and is planning to push through policies that scientists fear could reverse the gains made in saving the planet from peril.

Lastly, the faculty has complained that the second travel ban implemented by the Trump administration, which banned travel of citizens from six Muslim-majority countries, is extremely detrimental to the status of science in the United States. I am anxious that my granddaughter, now 2 1/2-years-old, will grow up to live in a world strikingly different from that we enjoyed and prospered from during the last half of the 20th century. Scientists have to learn to communicate and advocate for the importance of their work in politics to protect it, Naughton says. Executive orders to start the rollback of the Clean Power Plan, lift the federal moratorium on coal leasing on public lands, and green-light the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines pose major threats to Americans' health and environment and the world's climate.

"We'd like to appeal to congressmen from all political parties", he said.

Before the march begins, the organizers have arranged "teach-ins" starting at 9am, and guest speakers at a rally from 10am onward. It also has given us the tools to solve problems now instead of reacting to them after it is too late.

"We want the government to make decisions based on evidence".

Some of those scientists correctly hypothesized glaciers moved them there during ice ages, and over the course of the next century, climate science began to take off. And the Sedona, Arizona march is called the "Women's March for Earth and Science".

Many prominent science groups have endorsed the march, including AAAS, the American Chemical Society and the American Geophysical Union.

"It's bewildering to me and members of the scientific community that any group of leaders would lie down passively and accept some of the proposals that have been bandied about", said Kedes, a professor of immunology, microbiology and cancer biology at the UVa School of Medicine.

I do worry about that a little bit, but ultimately I decided that certainly for climate science, this issue has been so politicized for so long, I think it's hard for it to get more politicized.

Congress has not even begun consideration of Trump's budget, but last month the House passed two bills that would, if approved by the Senate, make it more hard for EPA scientists to conduct research. If you share my concerns, participate in the March for Science or a satellite event.

This picture of inclusiveness complements Ecklund's newest research, which found that the global scientific community-as people might assume-is more agnostic (and sometimes atheist) than the general population, but not usually hostile to religion overall.

Science March events are scheduled at an estimated 500 venues around the world on Saturday, including one at the National Mall in the District of Columbia.

"Despite this fact, science and scientists, and evidence-based policies are under attack", she continued. And so we know that it is because of science that diseases that were once widespread and incurable are now - within our own lifetime - eradicated or treatable.

But Calum MacKichan, a Scotsman who organises the march in Brussels, said the goal was much broader than just an anti-Trump protest. "We want science talked about in a factual way". A new study, published in February in the journal Environmental Communication, has suggested that engaging in advocacy might not compromise scientists' credibility. And Trump has continued to make comments expressing doubts, not backed by science, about the risks of vaccines.

Barford will be a part of the local demonstration, which will include booths on various scientific topics and short lectures from students and researchers. You can find out if people are marching near you HERE.