Instagram now works offline

Posted April 20, 2017

In an attempt to keep them on the platform and to make scrolling through those endless photos easy, Instagram has now launched the new offline mode which will work without an internet connection. Additionally, the offline capabilities are only added to the Android app, and not the iOS one, probably due to the more restrictive nature of Apple's OS, when it comes to app development.

While it doesn't mean you can constantly use the app without an internet connection, you will be able to view any post that have previously loaded when you had a Wi-Fi or data connection, like and comment on them.

This year, Twitter debuted Twitter Lite, a mobile web app created to minimize data usage and load quickly on slower connections. The company on Tuesday announced that it has built support for using most of its features without Internet access, reports TechCrunch. As per the reports, 600 million users are outside of the United States so that company mainly targeted the users with limited connectivity. Instagram says this is in testing with "people in low-bandwidth regions", which is exactly my case, so let us know if you see it in your area too. These actions will automatically take place once online.

Facebook is working on a way for Instagram to work offline on Android. Instagram could have drawn inspiration from Facebook lite that had around 200 million users after a year of rolling out.

Instagram has not only copied Stories from Snapchat, it has succeeded in reinventing the feature; attracting millions of people daily.