Dodge Challenger Demon: More Signs Point To 1000+HP!

Posted April 10, 2017

Dodge claims the Demon is the first auto to offer this dual-fuel capability from the factory.

Once again, Dodge made its followers excited as the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon releases its final video teaser entitled "Judgement Day" before the actual unveiling on the 2017 New York International Auto Show. With a massive supercharger, a torque converter and more power than the Hellcat, there's no way the SRT Demon gets decent fuel economy, even if it is 200 pounds lighter than its predecessor and has removable back seats. The high-octane fuel can already be found at many major gas stations but if you prefer regular 91-octane fuel, a button on the dash lets you swap between the two.

For the record, a high octane rating does not mean that a particular fuel makes an engine perform better, but rather it's an indication of how much compression it can take before it catches fire and damages an engine. This high octane fuel will be available at selected places. This is when the air and fuel mix ignites before the piston is fully extended. It won't move to the more aggressive timing unless the knock sensors detect a proper amount of race gas.

The hashtag #DodgeDemon is the next part that will be seen in the Dodge performance story. The vehicle only has one fuel tank, making it all but inevitable that some 91-octane street fuel will mix in with the race gas; if the engine's knock sensors detect that the effective octane rating is not sufficient for High Octane mode, a warning will tell the driver to switch to the standard fuel setting. That campaign will (mercifully) come to an end next week when the new Challenger breaks cover during the New York Auto Show.