Britney Spears Concert Leads Israeli Labor Party To Delay Leadership Vote

Posted April 06, 2017

Britney Spears is massively popular. Last night (Apr. 4), the star took to her favorite social media site, Instagram, to post a video of her working out with a kettle clamp. Her tours have broken attendance records throughout North America and when her concerts roll into town, they cause traffic jams, fans swarm the airports and, in the case of Israel, national political parties postpone their elections.

A Labor Party spokesperson told The Times of Israel that the decision would "make it easier for people to reach polling stations" and admitted that officials had experienced "a difficulty in recruiting security guards" for the original date. Witness the power of a Britney Spears concert. They fear that it will be too hard to provide security for two important events at once.

If you're surprised-come on, folks, it's Britney's first non-U.S. tour since 2011. While every voice is important for party members.

The concert is part of Spears' summer Asian tour promoting her album "Glory", which was released previous year.

According to the Times, the Labor Party primary election for party chairperson is hotly contested, with eight candidates vying for the seat.