Samsung S8, S8 Plus: All official images leaked ahead of launch

Posted March 28, 2017

The company had even tied up with United States carriers to issues similar updates aimed at crippling the battery of the Note 7 devices. After the Note 7 disaster Samsung debated back and forth furiously in November as to whether they should refurbish their recalled units or scrap them. That's. certainly a choice!

Deep throats in the industry said that it was not that Samsung's standard was trousers, it is just that they do not want to be named in any sentence which involves the worlds "Samsung", "Battery" or "safety".

Trying to recover from the nightmare of Galaxy S7 debacle, Samsung is finally ready to reveal the Galaxy S8 next week at the company's annual Unpacked launch event.

Note the wording in that statement: "Upon consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers".

The reasons for this notion could be the massive influx of premium Chinese smartphone brands and the spectacular Note 7 fallout from the previous year.

Samsung Electronics has devised three ways in which it can recycle the Galaxy Note7 devices in the most environment friendly manner.

Look, we get it-it's tough to figure out what to do with millions of unsellable phones.

Samsung says it will consult local authorities and carriers in order to find the best markets for the refurbished phones, but it appears unlikely they'll reappear in the United States or the UK.

Moreover, the timing on this announcement is just bad. The Indian variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus will offer dual sim capability and storage expansion via a hybrid slot. We are afraid that Samsung might not have anything left to announce by the time the official date of the launch arrives as almost all the information pertaining to this smartphone has leaked several times. Well, it seems to be about lessening electronic waste.

But despite being significantly larger, the overall footprint of the phone is probably only going to be slightly bigger, as the fingerprint scanner is being moved to the back and the bezels are being shrunk to nearly non-existence. It is compatible with Galaxy S7 series, S6 series and Note 5.

It also unveiled two other proposals for recycling the devices, including detaching the components and retrieving the hardware's precious metals. "First, devices shall be considered to be used as refurbished phones or rental phones where applicable", it says.

For remaining Galaxy Note 7 devices, components such as semiconductors and camera modules shall be detached by companies specializing in such services and used for test sample production purposes.