Pokemon Go PVP release date with 2017 major updates

Posted March 03, 2017

While referring to the recent release of generation 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Go as the game's "first major update", Hanke stated that there were three other major updates planned for the game this year.

While Niantic look to have a solid roadmap to follow and several more major Pokemon Go updates to release this year, Nintendo have not being resting on their laurels. He did not reveal when during the year the two other updates would be rolled out. "We have 3 major new releases for Pokémon GO mapped out for this year", he said in his keynote address at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Tuesday. Pokemon Go launched on Apple Inc.'s Watch in November, and the company is working with Canadian wearable technology startup Mighty Cast, which released a wristband that can be used for Ingress, a location-based mobile game with a science-fiction theme, in January. According to Hanke it will contain even more Pokemon being added to the game alongside new functionality. Based on the original trailer for the game, we assume at least some of these group events will revolve around catching Legendary Pokemon. It suggested that the game may receive real-time weather system, such as overcast or rainy.

Another popular Pokemon feature that players have been asking for is trading. We will have to wait a little longer to know what Niantic has in store for Pokemon Go.

With a total of 5.4 billion miles walked.

Still, Hanke seemed assured that the game was doing well. 35,000 retail spots have become sponsored locations for PokeStops in the game, which has so far received a total of 500 million visits. Hanke further said that the game has seen a total of 650 million downloads across all platforms.