Trump trashes the press at a Black History Month meeting

Posted February 03, 2017

"Harriett Tubman, Rosa Parks and millions more black Americans that made America what it is today".

From there, the president moved on to highlighting some prominent African Americans from history. Fake news! The statue is cherished.

The media has been mocking President Donald Trump for referring to Frederick Douglass in the present tense while celebrating the abolitionist's accomplishments during a meeting for Black History Month on Wednesday.

He, however, took another jab at the media before ending his remarks.

Paris has done an incredible job in a very hostile CNN community. Pay attention because this could very well be the only valuable connection between Trump and Black people for the next four years.

"Fox has treated me very nice", he said.

Lastly, he tried to praise black Trump surrogate Paris Dennard toward the end of his speech but turned it into a knock on CNN, the network that Dennard appears on.

One day into Black History Month and 14 days into his presidency, Donald Trump continues to bewilder many.

"Some of them are just ordinary people and others you'll recognize and are a little more significant", Speir said.

The Internet was quick to respond to Trump's comments, with many questioning whether the president knew that Douglass is in fact dead. You might have heard of the latter, a slain civil rights leader whose story entered the public consciousness, Trump believes, following an inaccurate report about the removal of his bust from the Oval Office. Ben's going to be doing that, big league, that's one of his big things that we're going to be looking at. We're going to work very hard on the inner city. Law enforcement was also a point, as Trump then promised that communities will be made "safer" and that it will be achieved with "law enforcement".

The official also said that Trump considered the Smithsonian's addition of the National Museum of African-American History and Culture in making his decision.

The first thing that leaps to mind when reading and processing this is the incalculable distance between Trump and his predecessor in terms of their relationships to the African American community.