Goodell: NFL 'moving on' from Deflategate

Posted February 02, 2017

"We had a great experience a year ago", said Goodell. We applied the discipline in accordance with our process.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the media Wednesday and addressed some of the biggest issues the league is facing.

Goodell claimed to have no knowledge of what was being asked and said he was not in charge of the transcripts.

According to the commissioner, Deflategate has not strained his relationship with the Patriots and Robert Kraft.

"It's not awkward at all for me", Goodell said. "It's not of a personal nature, which I know is what people like to make it", he said.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says Wednesday that the former First Couple recently were released from Houston Methodist Hospital, where the nation's 41st president received treatment for pneumonia for more than two weeks.

Goodell attended back-to-back games in Atlanta during the playoffs this year instead of attending the AFC Championship Game. Those are always hard, sometimes contentious and sometimes less than flawless decisions. That was pointed out to him a few minutes later, and he said, "I have no doubt" that owner Robert Kraft would invite him despite the acrimony of the last two years, adding, "That's up to him, though".

It dominated the almost hour-long session the league's commissioner had with the media, with no fewer than four Deflategate-related questions coming up. I'm not afraid of disagreement. So, from our standpoint, we understand what fans, who are loyal and passionate for a team, object and don't like the outcome.

"But that doesn't change that we have to compartmentalize and can disagree. But you do them in the best interests in the long-term health of the game and the National Football League". Thats who I will continue to operate. Ratings were down for the most part this past season - partly due to several primetime games being blowouts and the presidential election - and Goodell believes cutting down on TV timeouts could speed up games. "And if we can do them differently we will".

Kraft earlier this week said he was uncertain whether his relationship with Goodell would ever be the same following the furore. "In nearly every aspect of what you would say is the quality of the game, we have seen high-quality football on Thursday night".