Christopher Nolan's New Movie Looks Like a Straightforward WWII Epic

Posted December 15, 2016

The film chronicles the evacuation of Dunkirk, a British military operation that saved 330,000 lives as Allied soldiers were surrounded by German forces.

According to Christopher Nolan's latest film, "hope is a weapon". And as you can hear, the film sounds fantastic.

Though it has a stellar cast that includes Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy, the focus is on younger soldiers experiencing the horror of war for the first time. Maybe the other members of One Direction will have a surprise cameo? The scene where it looks like Harry Styles is drowning: Yeah, former One Direction singer Harry Styles is in the movie, and there's a scene where it looks like he's not doing so hot.

"Not much is known about his character, but he's listed as someone named Tommy" on IMDB, and by the looks of the trailer his performance involves a lot of sitting on beaches and ships looking anxious.

As for Styles, the pop star briefly makes a cameo in the trailer.

Based on the trailer, it appears that no expense has been spared recreating the war film, which depicts one of the most vicious battles in the history of World War II.

On Tuesday, Warner Bros also released their first poster for the summer 2017 blockbuster, which teased mass destruction.

The Dark Knight director is back with a stunning war movie that features equally stunning hair.

Dunkirk is set to bow July 19th 2017 in the United States and around the world.